Oftentimes, pregnancy is depicted as a joyful nine months. However, the physical truth of conceiving another human being sometimes includes a variety of complaints and issues.  

During pregnancy, it’s quite common for the soon-to-be mother to experience swollen joints and sore muscles. If you’re looking for relief, you should consider getting a massage.  

There are tons of reasons why you should add massage to your day-to-day life, whether it’s from a prenatal massage Edmonton professional or a simple foot rub from your partner. 

Aside from feeling amazing and relaxing your muscles, it also comes with several health benefits.  

What is Prenatal Massage? 

For those who don’t know, a prenatal massage is a complete-body massage done by a professional massage therapist. It’s almost the same as a Swedish massage. However, there are a couple of modifications with body positioning to guarantee comfort and safety of both the baby and the mother.  

Is It Safe? 

In general, prenatal massages are considered safe after the first trimester. This is especially true if you get the green light from your doctor and you let the massage therapist know you are pregnant.  

However, you will want to avoid massage during the first 3 months of pregnancy. The reason for this is that it might add to morning sickness and trigger dizziness. Thus, it’s best to avoid it during that period. 

So, what are the benefits of getting a prenatal massage? Here are some of them: 

Relieve Pain Naturally 

Prenatal massage provides a drug-free, safe, and natural alternative for pain relief. This is beneficial since, during pregnancy, the use of medications is limited for the baby’s safety.  

The relaxation and increased blood flow to the tissues your body will experience after and during a massage session can greatly alleviate a lot of the common discomforts of pregnancy.  

Prepare Your Body for Birth and Labor 

Prenatal massage can help you have an easier delivery. Aside from lowering your overall stress level. It can also keep your muscles relaxed and toned in advance of the start of labor.  

According to studies, women reportedly had less incidence of post-natal depression, shorter labors, and shorter hospital stays when getting massages.  

Improve Sleep 

As your pregnancy progresses, getting high-quality sleep becomes more and more difficult. Prenatal massage releases feel-good hormones and relaxes your nervous system. This will let you sleep better and leave you more relaxed.  

Of course, this is something you need during pregnancy if you want your baby to be healthy.  

Relieve Pain in the Lower Back 

Pregnancy massage relieves lower back pain. This includes sciatic nerve pain. The reason for this is that prenatal massage tackles the tight muscles in the affected area.  

Prenatal massage improves blood flow and helps release the tension that can be naturally brought on by pregnancy.  

Lower Swelling 

Whenever your hands, legs, and feet begin swelling during pregnancy, it’s sometimes caused by increased pressure on the major blood vessels and lowered circulation.  

A prenatal massage can help lower the swelling, move the additional fluid, and stimulate the soft tissue. This will leave you feeling more comfortable.